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NBA Fans Make Fun Of Danny Green Over Pic Of A Tractor That Can Produce 300 Bricks Per Minute

Business Insider

Business Insider

The internet is a ruthless place, especially when you're an NBA player. Trolls in social media will be ready to pick apart every single one of your mistakes and when you're struggling with your shot as much as Danny Green has struggled lately with the Los Angeles Lakers, they'll get to you.

Green has faced a lot of criticism lately from Lakers fans for his poor shooting performances during the NBA Finals, up to the point where some even started a petition to ban him from getting a ring if they beat the Miami Heat.

Now, Twitter uses @RTNBA took it way too far with a hilarious joke about a tractor that could produce 300 weeks per minute, claiming that Business Insider shouldn't call Danny Green a tractor:

"Danny Green been in the league for way too long for them to disrespect him like this smh," the hilarious tweet read.

All jokes aside, the fact that Green can't buy a bucket should be a huge matter of concern for the Lakers, considering he was supposed to provide some much-needed spacing for LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Then again, Green has been +21, +4, -15, and +5 throughout the first four games of the NBA Finals even despite his shooting woes, so it clearly shows that he brings a lot more to the table than just scoring and three-point shooting.

Danny Green has played a huge role in two different NBA Championship runs and it's clear that the guy is a winner. He may be a streaky shooter and perhaps the bubble isn't helping him right now, but a two-time NBA Champion like him should definitely get more respect around social media.