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NBA Fans Roast PJ Washington For Dating Another IG Model: “He’s Doing It To Himself At This Point"


It looks like Charlotte Hornets' PJ Washington is finding love again. A couple of weeks after his breakup with Instagram model Brittany Renner flooded social media, the player appeared with another woman, raising eyebrows around the league. 

Well, PJ hasn't changed his type that much, as he appeared in a picture with Alisah Chanel, another Instagram model. 

This pic, and all the rumors that surfaced after it, didn't sit well with NBA fans. After seeing him struggle with Renner, plenty of people don't want to see the player going through the same situation, where he's paying a lot of money in child support. 

pj 1

Washington is a grown man, and he knows very well what he's doing with his life. However, that won't prevent fans from commenting on what they think is wrong with the player. 

We already saw how things went for him after going separate ways with Renner, and fans believe this could end the same way for the Hornets standout.