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Andre Drummond Says He Will Play For The Shanghai Sharks Next Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Andre Drummond has heard all the trolling on the internet and is actually embracing it. The big man received a lot of criticism for his performances with the Los Angeles Lakers this season, having few chances to return to the team. 

After a tumultuous stint in Los Angeles, Drummond is set to test the waters of free agency. Nevertheless, most NBA fans believe his future should be outside the NBA. He's taken notice of that and even joked about it during a recent episode of Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take." 

When asked where he'll play next year, Drummond gave a hilarious response. 

"Shanghai, China," the big man said. 

Whenever a player underperformed in the postseason, the NBA community put them in China, especially on the Shanghai Sharks roster. That list included Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma, Dennis Schroder and more. Furthermore, it seems like Drummond is their next big man.

Well, at least he's taking things with humor. Or this is a hint that his chances in the league will be reduced this summer. Still, Drummond believes in himself and even claimed he could have been as dominant as Brook Lopez or Deandre Ayton if he had more playing time in the playoffs. 

He has made headlines in recent times but primarily due to controversial statements than anything else. After finishing the season with the Lakers, Andre will try to get another contract in the league to prove he can be an impactful player on the court.