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Bol Bol Likes A Tweet By A Fan Suggesting That Denver Nuggets Should Trade Him

Bol Bol Likes A Tweet By A Fan Suggesting That Denver Nuggets Should Trade Him

Bol Bol is one of the most beloved athletes in the NBA. Despite not playing many games, he remains a fan favorite and whenever he is on the court, of course, gives it his all. But the thing is, his appearances on the court are surprisingly low for the Denver Nuggets.

The son of the legendary Manute Bol has been with the team for three seasons now. But considering the Nuggets already have a big man who can do it all, it is quite hard for Bol Bol to crack the starting five. After all, there is hardly anyone in the league right now who'd pick Bol Bol over the reigning MVP of the league, Nikola Jokic.

 If that is the case, the best-case scenario for the player will be to turn a new chapter in his career. The easiest way to do that? Get traded. Unfortunately, the Nuggets aren't even trading the talented big man.

However, things caught the eye of most fans when Bol Bol liked a certain tweet recently. A fan on Twitter posted a request to the Denver Nuggets. 

"Can the @nuggets trade @BolBol please. Jus have talent riding the bench for 3 years straight."

Apparently, the Nuggets big man agrees with this proposal as he liked this tweet. Although he has now unliked the tweet, someone took a screenshot and sent it to Denver Stiffs' site manager Ryan Blackburn.

In the three seasons that he has spent donning a Nuggets jersey, Bol has been part of just 40 games. It seems like the team is wasting the talent of the 21-year-old.

Usually, the Nuggets have a pretty keen talent for young players, but it seems like Bol Bol is not on the priority list. He is a great talent who can score three points and has decent playmaking ability.

If things continue to move forward at the same pace as they are right now. Fans might soon see a headline that will feature Bol Bol taking the rest of his career elsewhere. There are many teams in the NBA that can use a player like him coming off the bench and playing good minutes.