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Boston Celtics Are Trading Dennis Schroder To The Houston Rockets

Boston Celtics Are Trading Dennis Schroder To The Houston Rockets

One of the questions during the flurry of trades during the trade deadline has been what exactly would end up happening to Dennis Schroder. While he has been a decent piece in 49 games for the Celtics this season, it was always evident that Boston would move Schroder on at some point, with the guard seemingly not a part of their long-term plans. 

And a move has come through on the day of the deadline, with Adrian Wojnarowski confirming that the Celtics will trade Schroder to the Houston Rockets. The Rockets will send Daniel Theis in return to Boston, who are quite familiar with him considering that he spent 4 years with the franchise. 

It remains to be seen how the Rockets will utilize Schroder, who hasn't quite been able to live up to his hype after an excellent season with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2020. A short and slightly bitter stint with the Lakers saw Schroder eventually leave the team and find a home with their storied rivals in the Celtics. While his talents will be wasted on a team like the Rockets, who aren't competing for the playoffs at the moment, there are still several possibilities as to where he will end up and how much he will get to play. Houston has also received Enes Freedom, who has promptly been waived.  

The Rockets are dead last in the Western Conference and the move is unlikely to be meant to improve the team. Schroder will be hoping to be moved to a team that is contending this season and a buyout is entirely possible considering that he is on a 1-year deal this season. The Celtics will be reunited with Daniel Theis who was with the team from 2017 to 2021 and left as part of a three-team trade during 2021. What impact he has on his former team, if any, should also be a smaller but curious storyline during the rest of the season.