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Bradley Beal On Russell Westbrook: "Russ Is One Of The Best Players To Ever Pick Up A Basketball."

Bradley Beal Defends Russell Westbrook- "He’s All About Team. He’s All About Winning.”

Russell Westbrook has always been a polarizing player, but he is clearly a talented superstar. Recently, Westbrook has equaled Oscar Robertson's triple-double record and could move ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks legend in triple-doubles when the Washington Wizards play the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday. The shattering of a long-standing record would be legendary, and Westbrook would deserve high praise for achieving such a feat.

Teammate Bradley Beal has complimented Russell Westbrook and has stated that Westbrook is one of the best players to have ever played the game. Russell Westbrook is certainly a statistical anomaly, and there is no player in the league that can do precisely what he does.

Despite some people such as Stephen A. Smith claiming that Russell Westbrook would be celebrated even more if he had a championship, the fact is that what we're witnessing is special. Of course, every player gets criticisms over the course of their career: every great NBA player has had their doubters. While Russell Westbrook has had his lows in the playoffs, it is still obvious that he impacted the team, and nobody can question his will to win games.

The Washington Wizards have a duo of dynamic superstars, which could make them a tough matchup in the playoffs. They have a real chance to do some damage, as they are starting to win at the right time, despite many writing them off after their horrific start to the season. Russell Westbrook has already cemented his status as an all-time great, and some good playoff runs could change some of the negative narratives around him.