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Brian Windhorst Doesn't Believe DeAndre Jordan Will Have A Big Role On The Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers continue to make moves. After being one of the most aggressive teams early in the offseason, now they've added DeAndre Jordan to round up their roster.

Nonetheless, age is a big concern for some analysts when it comes to this team. Some even joke that they could've gone 82-0 in 2013 or 2014 but that might not be the case this season.

Then again, we have to take those opinions with a grain of salt. Yes, the Lakers added plenty of veteran players who are heading toward the sunset of their careers. But, will they have a big role on the team? Maybe not.

At least, that's what Brian Windhorst seems to believe when it comes to DeAndre Jordan:

“Is he going to go out there and average ten and ten? Most likely not,” Windhorst said on ESPN's The Jump.

It's not a secret that DeAndre Jordan's best years are far behind him. He once was a dominant defender and rim protector and brought people on their feet with his explosive dunks.

Now, he's likely going to give them just a handful of minutes per game, with Dwight Howard and even Anthony Davis getting the bulk of the minutes at the center spot.

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the oldest teams we've seen in a while, and that's a big concern in terms of health, especially come playoff time.

But, to be fair, having Russell Westbrook around will allow LeBron James and/or Anthony Davis to get the night off every now and then. And we all know that, regardless of the supporting cast, having their two best players healthy and ready to go in the postseason gives them a huge chance against everybody else.