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Chris Paul Says He's Lost 11 Games In A Row When Scott Foster Is Officiating

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

It's fair to say that Scott Foster is Chris Paul's least favorite referee. The veteran point guard has a negative record when Foster officiates his team and the player has voiced his frustrations with those performances. 

After the Phoenix Suns lost 109-95 to the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night, Paul had some things to say about Foster and his negative record with the ref on the same court. He revealed that when his teams are officiated by Foster, he's 0-11. 

During his post-game press conference, he kept repeating “11 games in a row," which references his record with Foster on the floor. 

“We have to try to limit their free throw attempts. They are shooting a lot of free throws, the last game, tonight,” Paul said. “I mean, if I was a gambling man, 11 games in a row, 11 games in a row. We’ll see what happens: 11 in a row, 11 in a row is tough.”

This is the first time he losses a game with the Suns while Foster is on the court, bringing the record to the infamous 0-11. 

Paul isn't happy with this situation, but it's worth noting that his absence also played a role in the Suns' defeat. The player only played 3 minutes in the 4th quarter, leaving the Suns helpless against LeBron James, Anthony Davis and co.