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Collin Sexton's Camp Reportedly Rejected Cavaliers' 3-Year, $40 Million Extension Offer

Collin Sexton

The NBA free agent market has started to wind down, with a few players still left to sign with a team. There are quite a few decent free agents left on the market. Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, and other veterans have proven themselves to be capable contributors to teams even in the twilight of their careers. 

However, there is one young talent that still hasn't found a deal. Collin Sexton has shown the ability to score at a very high level in the NBA, but injuries robbed him from taking another leap in the 2021-22 season. The prior season, Sexton had averaged 24.3 points per game over 60 games, the sort of production that would be worth a contract well upwards of $20 million a year in the NBA. 

But things haven't quite panned out that way, and even the Cavaliers don't seem to view the 23-year-old as integral to their future. This is also evident thanks to the offer they reportedly made to Sexton, according to NBA Insider Chris Fedor

“I’m told that it is close to $40 million in total money,” Chris Fedor said. “So think of like a three-year, $40 million deal.”

“It’s way less than what Collin initially wanted,” Fedor said. “I don’t know that it’s the kind of deal that Collin and his camp would be willing to take.”

$40 million over 3 years is quite less for a young player that has shown the sort of scoring ability that Sexton has. But if no other teams are willing to make a substantial offer to him, it makes sense that the Cavs don't wish to pay more than they have to either. 

It remains to be seen what happens moving forward, but if the price for Sexton is as low as Fedor has suggested, a lot more teams might decide to get in on the action now. The one thing that is certain though, is that Sexton has his work cut out for him next season if he wishes to prove that he is worth more than the Cavaliers are offering.