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Damian Lillard Fires Back At Fan Who Told Him He's Always Hurt For 'Overtraining': “Name A Player Who's Available More Than Me The Last 10 Years That Plays As Many Minutes…”

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Damian Lillard is one of the most active NBA players on social media. The Portland Trail Blazers star constantly interacts with fans, either talking about NBA-related topics, other sports like boxing, or even music. 

Cool as he is, Dame isn't afraid to set the record straight with people trying to disrespect him. It's happened in the past, and recently, he fired back at one fan who claimed he would get injured for overtraining. 

After a video of Dame's training went viral, one fan sent a message to the player, claiming he's 'always' hurt for overtraining, even bringing LeBron James and Anthony Davis' names to the conversation. 

“This why you always hurt [Damian Lillard] overtraining. That farmer carry on the treadmill ain’t gonna translate when bron and AD dunking on ya forehead.”

Dame wasn't having any of that and reminded this person that he's been one of the most durable players in the league. Plus, he asked them to name a person who has played more games and minutes in the last 10 years. 

“Name a player who’s available more than me the last 10 years that plays as many minutes…”

Lillard hasn't suffered any major injuries during his career, and he constantly plays a lot of minutes during the season. Of course, being the best player on the Trail Blazers roster is a big responsibility. Still, he has never run away from that. 

The talented point guard always leaves everything on the court, trying to lead his squad to the promised land. So far, he's been unable to play in the Finals, and rumors suggest he will play his last season in Portland. 

No matter what he does, Dame gets criticized. Fortunately, he's always ready to fire back and let people know he's not one you want to mess with.