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Damian Lillard On Trail Blazers: "I Am Frustrated With Losing And Not Playing My Best. But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Sour On My Team And I’m Looking Elsewhere."

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Damian Lillard

The Portland Trail Blazers have been a consistent playoff team over the course of the last few years. Thus far though, the 2021-22 season has been a struggle for them, and they are currently 11th in the Western Conference with an 11-18 record.

Damian Lillard has recently spoken to Mark Spears of The Undefeated about the tough season for the team this year. He claimed that he is "frustrated with losing" but added that this doesn't mean that he's "looking elsewhere" obviously referring to him being linked with various trade rumors. Notably, Damian Lillard has been linked multiple times with the Philadelphia 76ers.

“We have a new offense. A new style. A new way of playing,” Lillard said. “Me being the leader, I have to overly buy in. I have to show I am committed to that regardless of what it looks like for me, even if I’m struggling offensively to find my spots, to find my way in the offense. Even if I’m missing shots, I got to be the person to show the most buy-in to get everyone to buy in.

“People are saying, ‘Dame is frustrated.’ I am frustrated with losing and not playing my best. But that doesn’t mean I’m sour on my team and I’m looking elsewhere. … That has never been me. This isn’t my first time being in a tough situation.”

Despite the challenges, it seems as though Damian Lillard is willing to stay with the Trail Blazers and try to turn things around. The star has also struggled this season, with his FG% and 3PT% being career-lows. With that being said, Damian Lillard's track record and prior performances suggest he'll be able to bounce back.

The Portland Trail Blazers could still be a playoff team at the end of the year, and there's still time left for them to make a run. Lillard is right about him being no stranger to a "tough situation" and hopefully, he is able to steer the team back to winning ways.