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Dennis Rodman Showed Up At Sneaker Con: Gave Away His Shoes, Signed Sneakers And Greeted Fans

Dennis Rodman Showed Up At Sneaker Con: Gave Away His Shoes, Signed Sneakers And Greeted Fans

Every now and then, Dennis Rodman makes surprising appearances to shock the NBA world. The Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls legend remains busy with his activities, but whenever he has the time, the 5x NBA champion can be seen hanging out with former players, other celebrities, and even fans. 

A couple of weeks ago, he boldly claimed he would go to Russia to try to help Brittney Griner be freed from prison, but after the White House denied this information, Rodman backpedaled and decided it was better for him to stay at home. 

That didn't stop the player from making headlines, and recently made a surprise appearance at an event to celebrate the sneaker culture, spending time with fans and giving away some surprises. 

Dennis Rodman Makes An Appearance At Sneaker Con DC 

Conventions have become a pretty big thing around the world, with the Comic-Con being the greatest of all. But, just like comic (and more stuff) fans show up in San Diego to celebrate this incredible niche, sneakerheads have found their place in the world at Sneaker Con. 

A couple of weeks ago, the Washington D.C. edition took place, with many fans attending the event. One unexpected visitor also made it to the big event, as Dennis Rodman showed up to steal the attention of everybody. A recent video shows Dennis' activity during the event. 

He greeted fans and the people in charge of the event and took pictures with attendants, signed sneakers, and more. The craziest part of this was when he took on the stage and gave away the sneakers he was wearing. He challenged one kid in the crowd to sing a song, and the boy went with Bad Bunny, earning his shoes and making a huge memory with one of the most legendary NBA players ever. 

As soon as he landed, Rodman turned a lot of heads to him and everybody wanted to be close to the rebounding specialist. That's how influential he still is, and it's great to see that he still takes time to make other people's day.