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Derrick Rose Asked His Brother If It Was Okay To Buy Bentley After Signing Adidas Deal

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

It didn't take Derrick Rose very long to rise the ranks of NBA superstardom. Just a few years after his debut, the former Bulls point guard became the youngest MVP in league history -- and was earning major recognition because of it.

But, according to a story by Richard Hamilton (Rose's former teammate), Rose didn't let his new-found fame and fortune get to his head. His humility after signing a $94 million contract with Adidas was inspiring.

(via All the Smoke podcast)

“We in the locker room,” Hamilton said. “I looked at him in the locker room and said, ‘Bro, do you know you just signed for $400 million?’ And he like (laughing awkwardly) didn’t even know the impact of that.

“And then I told his brother Reggie after the game, ‘Yo congratulations.’ He was like, ‘Rip, my brother don’t even know what just happened. He called me and asked me the other day is it okay if he buys a Bentley.’

“How many dudes you know like that? That just made $400 million and call his big bro and ask is it cool for me to buy a Bentley? That just tells you what type of dude he is.”

Rose was and still is favored by many fans in the NBA community. His heart for the game and humility as a man serves as an example for many and is no doubt why he's found so much success over the years -- even despite many obstacles.

Rose is a long way from those days in Chicago, but as he continues his storied career, the world will be wishing the best for him. It's rare that we see a man with his talent and humility on the NBA basketball court.