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Draymond Green Claims The GOAT Debate Between Michael Jordan And LeBron James Is "Bull***t": "They're Both Incredible. They're Both Great. They're Both GOATs."

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The GOAT conversation has been something that fans have debated about for quite some time. There's no doubt that every generation of basketball players has transcendent superstars, and as such, there are many people who have different opinions on who the GOAT of basketball is.

Draymond Green has recently weighed in on the GOAT debate and claimed that deciding between players for who the GOAT is "bull***t". The context for his statement was deciding between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, and he added that "they're both incredible".

“Everyone talks about when LeBron passes Kareem does that make him the GOAT? I don’t think him becoming the No. 1 scorer makes him any more of the GOAT than he already is.

“What I don’t like to get into is, ‘Oh, is LeBron the GOAT over Michael Jordan?’ No, LeBron is a GOAT, and Michael Jordan’s a GOAT, and they’re both incredible, and they never played against each other.

“So how can we ever settle that? It’s all subjective, and I hate that in sports no one’s running around talking about, ‘Well Google’s a better company than Apple,’ or ‘Apple’s a better company than Amazon.’ No, we all just appreciate those companies for what they bring to this world.

“But yet we get in sports and we get in basketball, and it gotta be LeBron James against Michael Jordan as the GOAT and who’s the best. They’re both incredible. They’re both great. They’re both GOATs.

“So when talking about the GOAT and which one, man that’s bulls—. I respect both of those guys. I appreciate both of those guys, and at some point, I hope this world of basketball catch up and appreciate that as well.”

There is no doubt that Draymond Green has a point. There are a lot of different players that dominated their respective eras of basketball. Perhaps it would be better to just appreciate those players for their excellence, rather than trying to compare them. Dwyane Wade has previously expressed similar sentiments, claiming that it doesn't matter who's the GOAT between Michael Jordan or LeBron James, as there'd never be another player like either.

However, even though it would be awesome to see players just be appreciated for their talents, the GOAT debate will rage on among fans. Perhaps one day there will be a player that can become the unanimous GOAT, but as of now, opinions are clearly torn.