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Draymond Green Jokes With LeBron James About Being Washed: "I'm Somewhere On The All-Washed Team Too."

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Draymond Green is still one of the best defenders in the league, and he was a top 3 candidate for the DPOY award during the 2020-21 season. He also averaged a career-high 8.9 APG this season, and his passing skills are as sharp as ever. He also won a gold Olympic medal with Team USA. Draymond Green is no doubt a fine player.

However, Draymond Green has come under fire from some Warriors fans after he missed a vital floater in the play-in game against the Memphis Grizzlies, and many have criticized him for not looking to be a scoring threat. Some have even called him washed, suggesting that he's past his prime.

It seems as though Draymond Green has a response to all the haters. On a recent Instagram story, Draymond Green highlighted some of his best performances. He also tagged LeBron James in the story and joked that LeBron James is the "washed king" but that he is somewhere on the "all-washed" team himself.

While Draymond Green's offensive game may no longer be what it was in his prime, he's still a very good defender, and he can read the game at a level not many others can. Of course, there's a solid argument that he should improve his offensive game, and we'll see if he manages to do so next season. However, even if he isn't as big of a scoring threat as before, he has a lot of things that he brings to the team.

The Golden State Warriors will likely attempt to stay afloat until Klay Thompson comes back, and Draymond Green will be a key part in that. Once Thompson does come back though, they will once again try to make a championship run. There's no question that the Golden State Warriors could be an extremely dangerous next season, and no team with Stephen Curry should ever be doubted.