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Duncan Robinson Speaks Out About Shooting Woes This Season: "Zero Doubt In My Mind... The Tides Will Turn Here Very Soon."

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During the 2020-21 season, Duncan Robinson was viewed as one of the best shooting specialists in the league. He shot 40.8% from beyond the arc on 8.5 attempts a game, and it's clear that he was efficient while having a high volume of shots.

The Miami Heat rewarded Duncan Robinson with a $90 million extension for his stellar play from last season. However, Duncan Robinson hasn't started off the season on the right foot, currently only shooting 31.2% from the 3PT range on 9.1 attempts a game.

Even if Duncan Robinson is struggling currently, we've seen plenty of shooting specialists go through slumps before, and it is likely that he will bounce back. It's not like Robinson just forgot how to shoot the ball. On an episode of his Long Shot podcast, Duncan Robinson claimed that there's "zero doubt" from him that he will bounce back in the near future. (14:20)

Obviously, I’ve had a little bit of a slow start shooting the ball,” Robinson said. “Zero doubt in my mind, and I hope zero doubt in your mind as well, that the tides will turn here very soon.

It's good to see that Duncan Robinson has retained his confidence in his jumper despite him having a tough time shooting the ball. The shots will eventually fall for him, and it's all about still taking them.

The Miami Heat will need Duncan Robinson to be lights out from range sooner rather than later, as his ability to provide spacing is crucial to their offense. The Miami Heat will hope to be contenders this season, but they have lost their last 3 games, and are the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference. Hopefully, we see Duncan Robinson improve in the Miami Heat's upcoming games, and get back to shooting like he usually does.