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Dwyane Wade Says 2012 Heat With LeBron Would Beat 2006 Heat With Shaq

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Dwyane Wade stirred the pot between his former teammates by assuring the 2012 Miami Heat would beat the 2006 Miami Heat. Both teams won championships and Wade was part of both. The former shooting guard, though, believes the team led by him and LeBron James would beat the 2006 squad, which he led with Shaquille O'Neal.

James Posey asked Flash, “If they played against each other, who coming out on top?”. “2012 team,” Wade replied without any hesitation.

That sparked any kind of response from his 2006 teammates; “Hey D-Wade get the hell outta here,” Gary Payton exclaimed. Everybody changed their faces as soon as Wade replied, with Wayne Simien asking 'you ain't with us?'

Dwyane tried to explain to his teammates, recalling how fast-paced that 2012 team was, something that the 2006 squad wouldn't handle.

“It is tough to gauge it because we were too fast,” Wade said, remembering his 2012 run with the Heat.

As expected, Shaquille O'Neal wasn't having any of that, replying to Wade with 'stop it', revealing how absurd he believed that answer was.

These questions will always bring controversy and are hard to respond to. Wade tried to do his best and everybody went after him. Udonis Haslem was part of both teams, as well, but he didn't say anything, just like Pat Riley, who coached the team in 2006 and assembled the 2012 squad.