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Erik Spoelstra On LeBron James: "A Pass First Guy Who Can Lead The League In Scoring... That's Pretty Amazing."

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LeBron James Had 13 More Points Than The Entire Lakers Starting Lineup In Loss To Grizzlies

LeBron James is one of the all-time greats of the NBA, and he is definitely one of the most versatile players to have ever played the game of basketball. There are virtually no holes in his offensive game, and he is a three-level scorer that can also make plays for others at a high level.

Erik Spoelstra has given LeBron James some praise ahead of the upcoming Heat-Lakers game. Spoelstra claimed that LeBron James is a "pass-first guy" that can also "lead the league in scoring", while also stating that this ability is "pretty amazing"

LeBron James is currently averaging 28.9 PPG, 7.6 RPG, and 6.4 APG. His offensive game is still amazing, even if he isn't at the level that he was in Miami. Despite his amazing individual play though, the Los Angeles Lakers are only the 7th seed with a 23-23 record. It is clear that the team needs to play better as a whole, and hopefully, we see some improvement from them in the coming weeks. LeBron James is clearly still a superstar level player, but it's obvious that he no longer can cover the deficiencies of his team by himself.

There is some good news for the Los Angeles Lakers though, as Anthony Davis is scheduled to return from his injury soon. Getting his co-star back will definitely help LeBron James, as he'll be able to take on less offensive responsibility with Anthony Davis present. Anthony Davis would also help them on the defensive end, as he is an elite rim protector that can also switch onto smaller players if need be. Though some have claimed he is declining, it is clear that getting him back will give the Lakers a boost.

The Los Angeles Lakers have definitely had a disappointing season and it's unclear whether they'll be able to turn things around in time for the playoffs. They do have LeBron James leading them though, so completely counting them out would be unwise.