Former ESPN Employee Calls Out Adrian Wojnarowski: “He Can’t Talk To LeBron. He Can’t Talk To Chris Paul Or Damian Lillard. He Doesn’t Have That Rapport With Them. So What He Does Is He Steps On Them."

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The drama surrounding ESPN is far from over right now, even though they made some changes to their 2021 NBA Finals lineup, replacing the controversial Rachel Nichols with Malika Andrews

Now, Adrian Wojnarowski appears to be under fire for his alleged practices with black journalists. After he called Ms. Nichols a 'bad teammate' in a New York Times report, the insider received some criticism. 

One former ESPN analyst called him out during a recent edition of The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Amin Elhassan discussed this situation, going off on Woj for “putting a foot on” the careers of black journalists (41-minute mark). 

“Are you [expletives] me? This guy is going to call someone a bad teammate? For real? For real? Do we want to talk about the black careers that he put a foot on because he was threatened by? Do we want to talk about that? Do you wanna talk about the newsbreakers – with an ’S’ – of diverse background, who have rapports with players that Adrian doesn’t have. That he saw as threatening because his sources are all front office people… and assistant coaches trying to move up… and maybe a video coordinator that’s trying to get a better job somewhere else,” Elhassan said.

“But he can’t talk to LeBron. And he can’t talk to Chris Paul or Damian Lillard or some of these other guys. He doesn’t have that rapport with them. So what he does is he steps on them. And beyond that particular angle, he steps on a lot of people over there. He steps on a lot of people over there. Right? When you see a byline that says ‘as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski and fill-in-the-blank.’ That’s the old, ‘yeah, put my name on it and put it out there.'”

In the past, Woj was accused of working in the shadows to hurt other people's careers. Elhassan added more details with his comments, making serious accusations about the veteran reporter. 

This situation doesn't seem to be getting better for ESPN after the recent events. They handled the Paul Pierce situation without any problem, but this one is apparently getting out of control.