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Furkan Korkmaz Attacked In Locker Room By Three Georgian Players After Getting Ejected From Turkey - Georgia EuroBasket Game

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There is no doubt that there are times when players can become heated while playing basketball. Obviously, it is an extremely competitive sport, and when things get that competitive, they can also end up getting out of hand.

We have seen fights happen before due to players losing their tempers in the NBA. It also ends up happening in other leagues/places, and it seems as though an incident happened at the EuroBasket tournament.

Furkan Korkmaz Was Attacked By Three Georgian Players After Getting Ejected

During the Turkey - Georgia game, things were seemingly getting out of hand even before Furkan Korkmaz got ejected. In the video below, we can see him get into an altercation with Georgian player Duda Sanadze.

After Furkan Korkmaz ended up getting ejected, he reportedly got into a fight with three Georgian players as well as a member of security personnel. The players supposedly involved notably included Goga Bitadze, who plays for the Indiana Pacers. Duda Sanadze, who Furkan Korkmaz was jawing with on the court, was seemingly involved as well. It is unclear who ended up beginning the altercation.

After Furkan Korkmaz went back to the locker room after getting ejected, a fight between Korkmaz and three Georgian players and security personnel occurred, according to Ömer Onan, Deputy Chairman of Turkish Basketball Federation.

According to Ismail Senol, Furkan Korkmaz was attacked by Gogo Bitadze, Tornike Shengelia and Duda Sanadze trio. Bitadze plays for the Indiana Pacers, while the other two players play in Europe. 

It remains to be seen what consequences this situation has for everyone involved. Obviously, fighting is never good, and fighting over a game of basketball is simply unacceptable. Hopefully, though, this situation doesn't end up taking away from the EuroBasket tournament and the overall beautiful basketball that is being played on the international stage currently.

When EuroBasket is over or when Turkey gets eliminated, it is quite likely that Furkan Korkmaz will start getting ready for next season with the Philadelphia 76ers. He is a 3PT sharpshooter that comes off the bench for them, and his floor spacing is crucial for the team, as he creates more room for Joel Embiid to operate on the interior.

Hopefully, we see Furkan Korkmaz have a productive rest of the tournament and a great year with the Philadelphia 76ers. He is definitely a solid player, and perhaps we'll see Furkan Korkmaz have his best year in the league next season.