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Gilbert Arenas On Bench Etiquette During A Blowout: "If I Wanna Eat A Hot Dog, I’m Gonna Eat A Hot Dog. If I See A Bad Girl Walking In The Arena, I’m Gonna Try To Get That Number.”

Gilbert Arenas

3x All-Star Gilbert Arenas played for 11 seasons in the NBA before retiring in 2013. While his career is somewhat of a tragedy, he is a well-known player and might even be considered a legend in the minds of some.

Fortunately, Arenas is still actively involved with the NBA today. Besides making frequent appearances on several media outlets, he has his own podcast ("No Chill") where he shares his takes and views on the current NBA landscape.

Recently, Arenas went viral for some comments he made about bench etiquette. According to him, anything is fair game for the winning team of a blowout, including eating a hotdog and getting a woman's number. It's taboo, to say the least.

Here's the clip:

“I beat your ass so bad I get to sit on the bench and enjoy the company of this bench. If I wanna eat a hot dog, I’m gonna eat a hot dog… If I see a bad girl walking in the arena, I’m gonna try to get that number.”

Today, we see players get angry if their competition pushes too hard when the outcome of the game is no longer in question. In the case of an early blowout, it usually just turns into nothing more than some rep some for developing players.

That's not to say that there hasn't been some weird happening in blowout games before. In one infamous incident, LeBron James got up and left the court completely when his team went down 32 points in the fourth quarter.

There's also the hilarious moment LeBron James and Kyrie Irving started flipping a water bottle on the sidelines in a blowout against the Knicks.

Obviously, it's unlikely we'll ever see a winning team's bench start munching on hotdogs during a game, but it does make for an interesting perspective.