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LeBron James And Kyrie Irving Flipped A Watter Bottle During Blow-Out Win Against New York Knicks

LeBron James And Kyrie Irving Flipped A Watter Bottle During Blow-Out Win Against New York Knicks

The NBA regular season can be a very long and grueling affair for players. NBA stars have a guaranteed 82 games that they have to play through the course of the season. For championship contenders, this is where they have to prove their mettle. 

Being able to show consistency and step up on a regular basis is what shows fans that you are to be considered a serious threat to the championship picture.

Oftentimes, because each NBA team has to play each other at least twice depending on the conference, there will be mismatches along the way. 

Extremely strong teams will end up facing extremely weak teams. And in these situations, the win becomes a foregone conclusion long before the final buzzer sounds. 

So head coaches use this time to rest their crucial players in order to keep them fresh for the course of the season. 

Players don't enjoy leaving the game, as most of them have a passion for sports. But players can find ways to entertain themselves during a game.

That is exactly what LeBron James and Kyrie Irving did during a blowout win against the Knicks. In 2016, the defending champs Cleveland Cavaliers traveled to New York to face off against the Knicks. 

The game ended up being a blowout, and head coach Ty Lue decided to bench LeBron and Kyrie.

To keep themselves occupied, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving began to participate in a bottle flipping challenge. At the time, the world was finding fascination in this challenge, as the objective is to flip a bottle in the air and get it to land on the floor upright.

Irving and James continued to take turns tossing the bottle as the rotation squad was closing out the game for the Cavs. At one point, the bottle even made its way onto the court, but luckily, the players were on the other end.

While a lot of fans enjoyed the superstar duo doing this, some found it very disrespectful. Regardless, James and Irving were enjoying themselves, and it was a good glimpse of the relationship the two shared prior to their falling out.