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LeBron James Leaves The Court In Game 5, As His Lakers Go Down 32 Points

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After being punched in the gut in Game 4, the whole world was waiting to see how LeBron James and the defending Champs would respond in Game 5.

Unfortunately for them, it was ugly from the start.

The Purple and Gold didn't look like themselves, and it seems everybody on the team was lacking the urgency and passion needed to beat a good team, on the road, in a playoff game.

Perhaps most interesting was the activity of LeBron James in the fourth quarter, who literally walked of the court with about 5:41 left to go in the game.

No reason or motive has been given for James' premature exit, but it's not a good look at all, and many fans have taken issue with it.

Nobody can discredit what LeBron has done over his career. Whether he wins or loses this series, his legacy isn't going to change.

But in regards to this season, this moment, it was his time to shine. Without Anthony Davis, with his team fighting for an important game, he failed to get his team over the top, and he left the court in defeat before the final buzzer even sounded.

It's not over this season for the Lakers. Whether to not AD comes back, we should expect this team to answer in a big way.

But, with the way things have been going lately, who knows what will happen on Thursday.