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James Harden: "Not To Brag Or Anything, But I’m Really Good At This Game.”

James Harden- "Not To Brag Or Anything, But I’m Really Good At This Game.”

Nets star James Harden is pretty good at basketball. If there's one thing he's made clear over his 11-year career, it's that he's among the NBA's top players.

In a recent post-game interview, Harden wasn't exactly shy in admitting it and citing it as the reason for his quick and seamless return from injury.

“Not to, like, brag or anything, but I’m really good at this game. I study this game, I'm very unselfish, I take the game and I play it the right way every single night. I don't try to do anything that I can't do or anything that doesn't benefit our team. And that mindset right there keeps me in a really good place."

It's rare to see a player of his caliber be so candid in his response. Harden knows where he's at, he knows how good he is, and he knows how easy it is for him to overcome obstacles.

This season, though rather dramatic, he continues to prove himself as an MVP-caliber player, averaging 25.2 points, 10.9 assists, and 8 rebounds per game on 46.3% shooting.

The Nets, meanwhile, are near the top of the East standings with a 46-24 record.

For them to make it to the FInals, they're going to need Harden to continue at his current pace and lead this team as a ball-handler and distributor.

Harden seems more than up for the task at hand.