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JaMychal Green On Signing With The Warriors: "When You Come Here And Handle Business, You Can Set Yourself Up For Life.”

JaMychal Green

Being a Warrior comes with a lot of perks in the NBA. Besides the allure of competing for a title, guys get to play in front of a rocking crowd every home game, get to live in one of America's most notorious cities and get to play under the spotlight as a member of one of the league's most iconic brands.

Of course, there's also the added benefit of securing opportunities for the future. Anybody who joins Golden State and plays well dramatically increases their value going forward.

Golden State's newest member, JaMychal Green, knows this all too well -- as he explained during his introductory press conference.

"I just feel like they keep you on your toes. Come in here, you can't settle, you can't get satisfied with anything. You're constantly working, constantly getting better and that's something I needed to be around and just to be around those types of players that won championships and just have that vet in them. It just has everything here. From Andre being a leader as well, you got Steph, you got Klay... when you come here and handle business, you can set yourself up for life."

It isn't just their on-court theatrics that make the Warriors appealing. In fact, the culture in the locker room and throughout the organization is probably one of the biggest factors that push free agents to San Francisco.

It's how they keep getting all of these great players, and why they are on track to be competitive for years to come.

“Well, they’ve done a tremendous job … they’ve got a great organization, they’ve got great players, their general manager — what he’s doing is incredible," said Charles Barkley on the Warriors. "Like I say, I haven’t even mentioned James Wiseman. You think about that, they’ve got Wiseman, [Jonathan] Kuminga, [Jordan] Poole, [Moses] Moody, this team can be great for a long long time. I know the older guys are getting long in the tooth, but if these guys can play, they can be really good for the next 10 years.”

The Dubs did lose some key free agents this summer, but they are hoping that the addition of JaMychal Green will help offset some of their losses.

In return, Green can thrive off the production of Stephen Curry and others to set himself up for a big payday down the road.

No matter how long Green stays on the team, the path he's on now can reap some huge rewards if he puts in the work to get there.