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Jokic Brothers Send A Message To Marcus Morris And The Player Responds: "If You Want To Make A Step Further Be Sure We Will Be Waiting For You!"

Jokic Brothers Send A Message To Markieff Morris And Marcus Morris Responds: "If You Want To Make A Step Further Be Sure We Will Be Waiting For You!"

Following the events on Monday night, the NBA world is talking about Nikola Jokic, his incident with Markieff Morris, and how Jimmy Butler, Marcus Morris, and Jokic's brothers reacted to the altercation. 

Hours after the 2021 NBA MVP shoved Markieff Morris during the Denver Nuggets' 113-96 win over the Miami Heat, the community keeps talking about this. Erik Spoelstra called the play 'dirty and dangerous,' sparking more debates among fans. 

Yet, this situation isn't over as the Jokic brothers took to Twitter to warn Marcus Morris. The Los Angeles Clippers player had sent a message to Jokic for hitting his brother after he turned his back. 

The Jokic brothers created a Twitter account and only used it to respond to Morris, telling him he shouldn't have threatened his brother and they'll be waiting to see if he does something. 

"You should leave this the way it is instead of publicly threatening our brother! Your brother made a dirty play first. If you want to make a step further be sure we will be waiting for you !! Jokic Brothers," they wrote. 

Even though people could think this was just one fan trolling and taking advantage of the situation, Mike Singer confirmed the Jokic brothers are behind this account. 

The NBA community had a big reaction to that, as these dudes keep adding fuel to this issue and the fans love it. 

Morris had the chance to reply to those comments, saying on Instagram he hoped the Jokic brothers get involved in this whole situation. 

This has escalated very quickly. Things should get out of control before it's too late between these groups of people. Fans even debated who would win between the Jokic Brothers and the Morris twins and Jimmy Butler. It seems like they want these six throwing hands to settle their dispute. 

Hopefully, things can get fixed a different way, but nobody is thinking about that right now.