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Kevin Durant Destroys Coach In "Hard Knocks" Who Asked Him When Was The Last Time He Did A Calf Raise: "Today."

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Kevin Durant hard knocks

Kevin Durant is a player that is well-known to be willing to go on social media and defend himself from haters. We have often seen him clap back at people on Twitter, and it seems as though that happened today.

An NBA fan posted a video of a weightlifting coach from the TV show "Hard Knocks taking a shot of Kevin Durant. The coach pointed out that Kevin Durant injured his Achilles, saying that athletes have to train their "whole body", and asking Kevin Durant about the last time he did a calf raise.

You gotta train your whole body. Kevin Durant and these guys, mess their Achilles up. I have a question for guys like Kevin Durant: when was the last time you did a calf raise?

Kevin Durant responded to the Tweet with one word: "today". Professional athletes generally put hours upon hours into their bodies, and it is definitely a little strange to assume Kevin Durant doesn't do exercises such as calf raises to strengthen his whole body on a regular basis.

There is no doubt that there has been a lot of noise surrounding Kevin Durant this summer, as he has requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. With the increased media attention, Kevin Durant has also started receiving more hate, and this is not the only instance of Kevin Durant getting criticized this summer.

Hopefully, we see Kevin Durant on a contending team next season. There is no doubt that he's a player that can be the No. 1 option on a championship-caliber team, and he can be a difference-maker on both ends of the floor for almost every single franchise. Hopefully, the hate for Kevin Durant dies down once he starts winning. Kevin Durant doesn't seem to be too worried, though, as he takes a lot of the hate and responds to it in a joking fashion, which is as good of an approach as any.