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Kevin Durant Gets Roasted By Serena Williams For Ashy Ankles: "He Got Me Shook!"

Kevin Durant

Nets superstar Kevin Durant may be unstoppable on the basketball court, but it doesn't mean he's immune to the trolling of internet fans.

Earlier this week, KD went viral for a picture that, very subtly, featured his extremely dry and ashy skin. Fans, and even players, made sure to take notice.

One of the best reactions came from Draymond Green, who said this regarding the scandal:

'"Bam sent me the picture and said, 'There's no way K is this ashy.' And I said 'what the f*ck.' And then I clicked on the link Bam sent me. That wasn't even ash that was f*cking scales. Like, I mean it looked like you could go skin him like an alligator and take it to the store and sell it. That's how bad it was.

I have not talked to Kevin yet, but I am looking forward to calling him today and getting his opinion. I know he gonna say 'f*ck y'all' 'Why y'all worried about my ankles.' I already know what his response is gonna be. To my brother Rich Kleiman, pick the lotion brand that y'all want to endorse and go partner with them because that'll be an incredible story."

Unfortunately for KD, things didn't end there.

On Saturday, the former MVP got roasted again, this time by tennis star Serena Williams. Here's the tweet:

Needless to say, Durant's ankles have the whole sports world talking and he's likely going to be hearing about it for a while.

It remains to be seen if Durant will take extra measures to moisturize his skin, but it hasn't seemed to affect his play so far. Through 18 games so far this season, he's averaging 28.1 points, 7,6 rebounds, and 5.3 assists per game on 55% shooting.

So while KD may be the subject of jokes on social media, he's the one getting his way where it really matters: on the court.