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Kevin Durant Joked Around With Two Young Knicks Fans After Nets Win: "Take Them Jerseys Off"

Kevin Durant

Even if Kevin Durant is one of the most cold-blooded players in the NBA today, he has a really fun side to his personality as well. KD simply loves the game of basketball, and everything that comes with it, something he has made clear through his actions time and again. And if there's one thing he seems to enjoy, it's going back and forth with fans, in person as well as on social media. 

As is the nature of these things, those interactions, even when rival fans are involved, are more wholesome when they happen in person. That's not always the case, for example, earlier in the season when KD told a fan to 'shut the f**k up', but it seems that the Slim Reaper is in a much better mood these days. 

Ahead of the game against the New York Knicks, KD had a sweet interaction with two young New York Knicks fans who were trying to get his attention. As he went towards the locker room, KD gave the two youngsters fist bumps, before jokingly telling them to get their Knicks jerseys off. 

"Take them jerseys off."

Considering that the game took place at Madison Square Garden there were going to be more Knicks jerseys in there, although that can also always happen at the Barclays Center as well. In any case, that didn't stop KD from being KD as he went off against the Knicks and led his team to the 7th straight win over their cross-town rivals during his time with Brooklyn. 

KD's triple-double in the game might have convinced those youngsters to switch allegiances more than anything he said to them, but the Nets know they will need to achieve a lot more success if they wish to truly create an equally big fanbase as the Knicks in the future. In any case, the franchise and their fans have likely seen more than enough of Durant for a little while at least.