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Kevin Durant Responds To Hilarious Otto Porter Joke: "This It."

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant may be out of playoff contention, but he's now got more time to scroll the Twitterverse.

On Thursday morning, Durant went viral on the platform (again) after shining a light on a particularly funny tweet:

For those that didn't catch on, the picture is actually of Wilt Chamberlain, who has a rather striking resemblance to Otto Porter Jr.

Of course, the whole situation has the world talking about Durant's Twitter activity again. Despite being one of the best players on the planet, KD seems to really enjoy calling out the fans and engaging with his haters online.

Durant's Twitter obsession is so bad, in fact, that Steve Kerr once talked about how much his head was buried behind the phone during his last season in Golden State.

(via Real GM):

Steve Kerr had a tumultuous relationship with Kevin Durant during their three seasons together with the Golden State Warriors.

“I tried, but I failed,” Kerr said in a conversation with Matt Sullivan from his book 'Can't Knock The Hustle'. “I could see the strain on his face every day, especially that third year, just all day. But it was, really, he was staring into that phone all the time.”

Kerr previously alluded to difficulties during Durant's final season in which he didn't specifically refer to him, but that was the widely assumed subtext. Kerr responded angrily about how the quote was received after Durant responded "This is hilarious" on social media. 

Well, it seems that KD's social media habit has not let up. Even as the playoffs are in full swing, he's joking with his fans on social media about meaningless subjects.

Hopefully, next year, his Twitter time will be cut down to make room for actual postseason games. We will find out soon enough.