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Kobe Bryant: 'The NBA Was Easier Than High School. No Wonder Mike Wins All These F*****g Championships'

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Kobe Bryant's competitiveness was unmatched. The Los Angeles Lakers always wanted to go against the best and beat them. That led him to play in seven NBA Finals, winning five championships in the process.

Even though he did something odd at that time, going to the league out of high school, he ended up having a terrific career. Kobe knew he had to prove himself since day one and that desire to be better every day made him one of the best to ever do it. He knew how to separate himself from the rest of NBA players, as he admitted during an old interview, comparing the level he saw in high school to the association.

Kobe stated that once players made it to the league, they changed, especially their work ethic, as soon as they get financial stability.

"The NBA, it was actually easier [than high school], because what I found in the NBA is a lot of guys playing for financial stability. When they came to the NBA, they got that financial stability, so, therefore, the passion and the work ethic and the obsession, the obsessiveness was gone. It's like taking candy from a baby, no wonder Mike wins all these fu----g championships," Kobe said in an old interview.

We already know this man was different; he was all about winning and nothing else so it's not crazy to see how he reacted when he saw a lot of players doing things differently once they made it to the league. Kobe went on to win five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers while becoming one of the best players of all time, made a lot of money and was successful off the court, as well.

Other than Michael Jordan, he was the perfect representation of hard work, competitiveness and ambition. He was different and he always made sure to let people know that.