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La Brea, California Puts Up Huge New Billboard Of Kobe Bryant

(via Twitter/@CreatveDestroyr)

(via Twitter/@CreatveDestroyr)

With all the things that are happening in the world today, it's easy to forget or overlook the other tragedies that have befallen the NBA community this past year. In the case of Kobe Bryant, however, people aren't so easily willing to let go -- because the name and legacy of Kobe Bean Bryant is one they will always remember.

He was a pillar to the city for years and has spread his wisdom, love, and infamous "mamba" mentality to anyone willing to listen.

In the little town of La Brea, California, someone immortalized his face in the sky with a billboard showing his picture for all to see.

In these tough times, remembering Kobe may actually be one of the best things we can do. On the court, the guy was a killer and assassin, willing to outwork anyone who stood in his path. But off the court, the guy was all about peace and simply wanted to help folks live their best lives.

He was a unifying person whose words of wisdom have helped many overcome countless obstacles.

The hope is, that even though he's gone, his way of life and electric personality will be remembered by those he touched. The billboard, without a single letter or word, says all that it needs to.