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LaMelo Ball Responds To Reporter Who Told Him Not To Copy Carmelo Anthony

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

LaMelo Ball fired back at Kelenna Azubuike, a former Golden State Warriors player who now works as a commentator for the team. The former NBA player recently starred in a very curious moment, calling out the Charlotte Hornets player for celebrating a 3-pointer as Carmelo Anthony does.

This topic is always controversial knowing that every NBA fan is trying to make the case for Anthony or Ball as the owner of the nickname 'Melo,' which can spark heated debates around the association. Well, Azubuike recently criticized Ball for using Anthony's celebration during the Warriors-Hornets game at the Bay.

“That celebration, he’s doing three fingers to the head like Carmelo Anthony. I know they’re both Melo but come up with your own celebration, be original,” Azubuike said.

Well, the young player responded to the commentator, making it clear he's been doing that celebration for quite some time now.

This player is doing a lot of good things in his first season in the league. The start of his career wasn't that promising but he's found his place on the Hornets' lineup. Now he's ready to ball and lead this team to be a competitive one.

While some players praise him for his game and how daring he is, others criticize the player for acting like he always acts.