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LeBron James Quotes Rapper Russ In Profound Statement: "I'm From The Generation Where It Isn't Cool To Be Haters."

LeBron James Refuses To Respond To Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Calling Him Out For Instragram Post: “If You Saw The Post And You Read The Tag, You Know That I’m Literally, Honestly Asking ‘Help Me Out’.”

LeBron James is one of the most influential athletes in the world. There is no doubt that he has been viewed as the best player in the NBA throughout a large portion of his career. Despite his greatness, like most celebrities, LeBron James has a lot of haters.

In a recent Instagram post, LeBron James quoted the rapper Russ and made a profound statement, where he said that he comes from a generation "where it isn't cool to be haters". These lyrics were quoted from Russ's song "Sheep". Based on the lyrics, LeBron James seems to be clapping back at all the negativity he receives online.

I'm from the generation where it isn't cool to be haters
You see, social media made everyone think they're celebrities
But what have y'all done that's worth celebratin'?
And everybody got the same personality and identities
The sheep just multiply, this shit is devastatin'
And embarrassin', hahaha- Russ

There is no question that LeBron James receives plentiful hate on social media, whether it be from opposing fanbases or from people who disagree with statements he makes on the world. This isn't the first time where LeBron James has called out his haters, though obviously, his callouts haven't stopped people from being negative towards him. At some point though, we all have to appreciate what LeBron James has done during his career, and players like him don't come around often.

LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers haven't started off the season that well, but they have recently won 4 games in a row. Hopefully, they are able to keep that momentum going. Many people expected the Lakers to be a championship-caliber team this year, but they haven't looked like it thus far. Perhaps we'll see them continue improving, and they will still be a dangerous team in the playoffs due to the talent level on the roster.