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LeBron James Shares Wholesome Pictures And Videos Hyping Up His Daughter Zhuri: "I'm Officially Done! It's Over For Me!"

LeBron James Shares Wholesome Pictures and Videos Hyping Up His Daughter Zhuri: "I'm Officially Done! It's Over For Me!"

It is fair to say that LeBron James is enjoying his offseason right now. After a season to forget with the Los Angeles Lakers where they didn't even make it to the playoffs, the 37-year-old superstar is taking some much-needed time off right now and is rightfully spending most of it with his family.

While LBJ did play a game in the Drew League, the majority of his offseason has been centered around his kids. Be it attending a game that Bronny James plays or his younger son Bryce plays, LBJ has been keen on being an active part of his kids' life.

After hyping up both of his sons on social media recently, it seems like James has shifted his attention to his youngest child, Zhuri. While he is spotted regularly with Zhuri on Savannah James' social media, LBJ recently took to his Instagram to hype up his daughter.

Posting Zhuri's best impression of being a model and walking on a ramp, the 37-year-old certainly understood the assignment when it came to hyping up his daughter. 

"I’m officially DONE!!!!! It’s OVER for me!! Someone please call 911"

It is great to see that LeBron is finally spending some quality time with his family this offseason. While he enjoys his time now in the offseason, he will be wary that next season will be a huge challenge for him and his team.

Although James had numerous incredible performances last season, it is clear that he needs his teammates to step up if the Lakers want to be competitive. The 4-time champion now even is committed to winning with the Lakers, which is a big positive for the franchise. How they move forward will depend largely on Bron and they will hope he is recharged enough to take them back to the promised land.