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Luka Doncic Gets Real On His Future With The Mavericks: "I'm Not Thinking About Changing, My Goal Is To Win It In Dallas..."

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Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damian Lillard, and Bradley Beal were thought to be the last of a dying breed of players in the NBA. For those guys, loyalty is a virtue they hold in very high regard, and ring chasing isn't something to be celebrated.

For Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic, it is still far too early to tell how strong his loyalty to the Mavs really is. But, according to Doncic himself, his goal is to stay put and find success with the team that drafted him.

(via Marca)

“I’m not thinking about changing, my goal is to stay and win it in Dallas. Although of course, in the future you never know, but my idea and hopefully I will succeed, is to win in Dallas.” 

Doncic, 23, is just 23 years old. He has plenty of time to try things out in Dallas before feeling any significant pressure to start bringing home titles. Still, there is always a chance that he grows frustrated with the team if they start struggling to win games.

Fortunately, Luka's connection to the Mavericks goes beyond just the franchise. He loves the city, too, and all that comes with being a part of the community,

"For me, it's just being in Dallas. They drafted me, they believed in me," Doncic said. "Just being out there. The city is amazing, the fans are amazing. I am really glad to be in Dallas, it's my second home basically. I really enjoy it there." 

The Mavericks are fresh off a run to the Western Conference Finals, where they got eliminated by the Golden State Warriors. With Luka leading the way, they shocked the world this year and proved just how dangerous they could be when underestimated.

Unfortunately, the loss of Jalen Brunson has the team reeling, and nobody is sure how much their performance next season will suffer because of it. Doncic will just have to keep being patient as the front office works to construct a capable roster around him.