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Luka Doncic To Patrick Beverley After And-One: "Too F*cking Small!"

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It was only the first night of the 2021 NBA playoffs, but all four of the games delivered some exhilarating moments.

During the Clippers/Mavs match, one particular moment went viral on Twitter, and it involves some choice words Luka Doncic gave Patrick Beverley after getting fouled at the rim.

Patrick Beverley is one of the NBA's most notorious trash-talkers. Acting as a tone-setter and enforcer for the Clippers, Bev often goes out of his way to be a pest and get under the opponent's skin -- which is why he has become widely disliked by the NBA community.

To see a guy like Luka give him a taste of his own medicine is probably like music to many fans' ears.

More importantly, though, the Mavericks pulled away with the Game 1 win, stealing home-court advantage and setting a tone for the rest of the series.

Last year, this same Mavs team lost in six to the Clippers. Are we watching a repeat of that in 2021, or will this team finally break through and advance to the second round?

No doubt, it all rides on Luka, who proved once again on Saturday why he is considered among basketball's best players.