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Magic Johnson On Jeanie Buss: 'I Want To See Her Be The Woman Standing On Stage, Receiving The NBA Championship Trophy Like Her Father Did"

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

Even though Magic Johnson is not part of the Los Angeles Lakers organization anymore, the former point guard has maintained a good relationship with the owner of the team, Jeanie Buss. Jeanie took over after his father, Jerry Buss, passed away in 2013. She has struggled to try to assemble a winning team but this season things have changed.

The Lakers were one of the best teams in the league before the NBA suspension and seeing the players they have, they could be contenders for a long time. That's why Magic believes and is rooting for Jeanie to win a title and lift the Larry O'Brien trophy. He recently talked with Jim Hill, praising Buss.

“Jeanie Buss, our ultimate leader. You have to give her a lot of credit. She was put in a tough situation, especially when I left. And then had to make a tough decision on Coach Walton, and she made that decision," Magic said.

“She’s really stepped up and for the fans, she wants to win a championship. And I want to see her be this woman standing on stage, receiving the NBA championship trophy (as) her father did. That would be awesome.”

The NBA is extremely competitive right now, but the Lakers are one of those competitive teams. They count with LeBron James and Anthony Davis as their best players and these two took the Lakers to be the best team in the West before the shutdown.

In prior years, the management tried to rebuild via draft, but that changed when LeBron James signed with them in 2018. After that, they shipped several young players to New Orleans in the blockbuster trade that landed Davis in Los Angeles.

Buss and co. are doing the right things to make this team the winning organization they've always been. Maybe Magic's desire to see her lifting the trophy will be granted shortly.