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Michael Malone Lauds Stephen Curry: "He's A Threat Anywhere He Has The Ball On The Court."

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Stephen Curry Sends A Message To The Haters: “Stop Tagging Me In All These Horrible Basketball Clips With People Taking Bad Shots, Telling Me I Ruined The Game.”

Stephen Curry is widely accepted by fans and analysts alike as the greatest shooter of all time. His prowess from the 3PT range is unparalleled in history, and he can hit a variety of different kinds of 3PT shots, whether it is off the dribble or off the catch.

The Golden State Warriors recently lost to the Denver Nuggets, 117-116, in a game that went down to the wire. While Stephen Curry was at fault for the defensive breakdown that allowed Monte Morris to hit the game-winning shot, he carried the Warriors' offense, putting up 25 points and 6 assists.

After the game, Stephen Curry got praise from Michael Malone, who claimed that he's a threat "anywhere he has the ball on the court", and gave praise to Curry's off-ball game as well, claiming that the point guard is "even more of a threat when he doesn't have the ball".

Nuggets coach Michael Malone on Steph Curry: "He's an MVP, he's a world champion, he's a threat anywhere he has the ball on the court, and he's even more of a threat when he doesn't have the ball."

Stephen Curry is definitely a threat from anywhere on the court, and he often shoots from way beyond the arc. He is also adept at both midrange shooting and interior finishing, and it is clear that his scoring is a huge part of the Warriors' success. He is clearly an amazing player, and some even believe that when he retires, he'll be a top-10 player of all time.

Hopefully, the Golden State Warriors are able to bounce back from this loss in the future. They are currently the 2nd seed in the Western Conference with a 42-17 record. It is clear that one loss won't ruin their chances at all, but the team cannot get complacent. The Warriors have lost 4 of their last 5 games, and it seems as though the team is in a slump going into the All-Star game.