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NBA Fans Call Out Stephen Curry For Flopping Against Desmond Bane: "Steph Curry Deserves An Oscar For That Flop."

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NBA Fans Call Out Stephen Curry For Flopping At The End Of The Game: "Steph Curry Deserves An Oscar For That Flop."

There are times in the league when players end up exaggerating contact to gain an advantage over the opponent. While many generally look down upon that sort of behavior, it still happens because people are often willing to do everything to win.

At the end of the recent Memphis Grizzlies - Golden State Warriors game, Desmond Bane was called for an offensive foul, which was drawn by Stephen Curry. Many people pointed out that Stephen Curry was clearly exaggerating the amount of contact he received, even going as far as saying it was a flop by him.

A lot of fans reacted to the play, with opinions on the play obviously being divided. While some thought it was a genuine foul due to the contact present on the play, others called Stephen Curry out for flopping.

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Stephen Curry is not usually known as a flopper, and there is no doubt that there are times when he genuinely gets fouled hard. However, in this play, it is fair to say that he put on a performance to draw the foul, even if there was incidental contact.

The Memphis Grizzlies were without Ja Morant this game, and they definitely deserve the respect for the way they ended up playing. They keep the game close throughout, and their defense was very good during Game 4. However, they are now at a 3-1 deficit. Though teams have come back from that before, it is hard to see a path for the Memphis Grizzlies to come back, especially with Ja Morant potentially being out for the foreseeable future.

As for the Golden State Warriors, their sights will likely be set on closing out this series and then focusing on the Western Conference Finals. Draymond Green has previously expressed confidence about the Warriors winning the championship this year, and we'll see if that becomes a reality.