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NBA Fans Roast Shaquille O'Neal After He Confuses Julius Randle For Zach Randolph

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Shaquille O'Neal is often at the front and center of hilarious NBA media segments. Thanks to his electric personality and a strong sense of humor, the dude makes things pretty entertaining for those who watch him on tv.

Recently, though, O'Neal was the subject of both laughs and criticism, as the NBA community responded to his rather bizarre error...

Julius Randle is having an MVP-worthy campaign in New York, so the fact that Shaq mixes him up with the now-retired Zach Randolph isn't really a good look.

Shaq is awesome to watch and has been staple in the NBA media for years now. Lately, however, he's been involved in a number of different scandals, including his interview with Donovan Mitchell, his words about Rudy Gobert, and the many fans who question his knowledge of the game.

In this latest example, not knowing the name of such a prominent NBA player is definitely an eyebrow-raiser, and might suggest that O'Neal is a bit behind on his familiarity with the current NBA.

As for whether or not we can expect a response from Julius, he's got other things to worry about now. As he attempts to lead the Knicks to a successful postseason run, it will take his best efforts to get the job done.

Still, he might use Shaq's diss as a little extra motivation.