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Hilarious Moment: D'Angelo Russell Falls After Trying To Sit On A Sign

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Sometimes, looks can be deceiving. And for Minnesota guard D'Angelo Russell, he fell victim to the tricks of his eyes during his latest game against the Detroit Pistons.

During a game break, Russ walks over to sit down on the baseline -- only to find out that it's actually just a 2D sign, which completely collapses under his weight

Once he knew what was happening, even he couldn't help but crack a smile. Naturally, NBA Twitter was sharing in the laughs.

Yeah, that's a pretty rough event to have happen in front of the cameras, but Russell seemed to be a good enough sport about it. We're just glad he was able to get up and play on without any issues.

As for the Timberwolves, this season is beyond saving, that much is clear. But with Russell and KAT finally getting some run time together, this is an opportunity for them to build chemistry and rapport on the court for the future.

Going forward, the Wolves certainly have a lot to look forward to and could be a dangerous foe in the West.

For now, however, they're just along for the ride, and enjoying the last little bit of a rather tough season.