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NBA Fans Sign 'Carmelo Anthony Apology Form': "I Don't Know Basketball. I Didn't Watch The Actual Games."

NBA Fans Sign 'Carmelo Anthony Apology Form': "I Don't Know Basketball. I Didn't Watch The Actual Games."

In the last few years, Carmelo Anthony has been through a lot of ups and downs. From being considered one of the best scorers in the league for many years to almost being out of the league. Many already wrote off Melo after his short and abysmal stint with the Houston Rockets.

Fortunately, Carmelo was given a chance by the Portland Trail Blazers and he rejuvenated his career. Melo played a crucial role for the Blazers off the bench and received praise from all around the league.

Following two successful years with the Blazers, Melo joined the Los Angeles Lakers this season in hopes of winning an NBA Championship. He is already 37-years-old, so it might be the final shot that he gets at it.

So far in the 2021-22 NBA season, Anthony has brought his A-game to the table. He once again helped the Lakers win a close game against the Charlotte Hornets. The Lakers forward scored 29 points while shooting 7-10 from the three-point line.

After the sensational victory, NBA Central on Twitter tweeted about an apology form that everyone who doubted Carmelo should sign

Upon seeing the post, fans had a mixed reaction to it. Some gladly accepted their mistake of calling Melo "washed" or doubting him. But few were still adamant about Carmelo being selfish for most of his career.

It is good to see one of the best scorers in modern-day basketball getting the love from fans. Playing for the Los Angeles Lakers certainly has its advantage. Melo was still playing at a great level for the Blazers, but the exposure he is getting with the Lakers is unmatched.

He established himself as a crucial player for the L.A. Lakers early in the season. As the season progresses, the franchise will expect him to keep up with these performances. With the Lakers off to a rocky start and an injury concern for their superstar LeBron James, the team might rely on Melo more than ever.

He has finally found his groove in the last few years of his career in the NBA. But can he retire as an NBA champion? We will find out in a few months.