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NBA Rumors: Oklahoma City Thunder Want To Sign Collin Sexton And Create A Duo With Shai-Gilgeous Alexander

NBA Rumors: Oklahoma City Thunder Want To Sign Collin Sexton And Create A Duo With Shai-Gilgeous Alexander

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly done with Collin Sexton. According to recent developments, the point guard isn't part of the team's plans for the future, which has opened the door for the player to look for another franchise. 

Recent reports suggest that the player was expected to get a $100 million offer from the Cavs, but he never received it. He hoped to strike a deal for less money, but the 2016 NBA champions weren't interested in that either. 

Sexton is set to become a restricted free agent next summer, and some teams around the league are already weighing on the idea of signing him. One of those franchises is the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team with a lot of potential for the future. They're led by Shai-Gilgeous Alexander, but Sexton could find his way to OKC to create a terrific duo with the former Los Angeles Clipper. 

Via Cavs Nation:

“First off, Cleveland could also risk possibly losing him to another team in free agency as well,” wrote Evan Dammarell in a blog post. “There aren’t many teams out there who have the salary cap space that makes sense for Sexton other than the Detroit Pistons, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the New Orleans Pelicans that could outbid Cleveland in free agency. Of those aforementioned teams, the Thunder could be a legitimate threat since, according to sources, Oklahoma City is intrigued by the pairing of Sexton alongside budding superstar Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and their bevy of youngsters.”

Shai and Collin would be great together because the former is expected to become a star in this league. Even though Sexton has been involved in controversies, his talent is undeniable. 

Sam Presti and co. have plenty of young talent and draft picks to build a winning team so adding Sexton can be a solid decision for the Thunder. After recording noteworthy games last season, Sexton fell from grace within the Cavs organization. He's ready to continue his young career with a different team and OKC can be the place for him.