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Sixers Believe Ben Simmons Is Faking An Injury And Mental Illness

NBA Rumors- Warriors Are "Divided" On Ben Simmons Trade

Ben Simmons has shown he's not even interested in practicing with his teammates. After getting suspended on Tuesday, the player was scheduled for an individual workout today. 

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that Simmons arrived and departed from the Sixers facilities, describing 'back tightness' to medical staff, who cleared him to practice. Still, the player chose to leave, adding another chapter to this drama. 

Plenty of fans are fed up with Ben, and the Sixers believe the 25-year-old pulled a new card in this saga, trying to avoid playing with the team at any cost. Philly reporter Howard Eskin gave his two pennies on this situation, revealing that the organization isn't buying any of Simmons' excuses.

"According to Sources, belief by #Sixers Ben Simmons is faking injury and mental illness. He came in 2day and said he had back stiffness and mentally not ready to play. Mental illness is serious issue and team is livid Simmons went down that road. Team plans to fine him every game," Eskin wrote on Twitter. 

It's well known that players use these plays to trick their teams, trying to force their way out of the franchise. The player was expected to address the media today, but that did not happen either.

Meanwhile, Simmons is not practicing and is not interested in joining his teammates in scrimmages, but the Sixers seem unbothered. They won the season opener against the New Orleans Pelicans and are ready to move on from Simmons. 

However, they won't let the former Rookie of the Year go for role players. They know what they want and the front office won't rest until they get the right return for the controversial playmaker.