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One Fan Was Mistaken For Mark Zuckerberg While Talking To Scottie Pippen During A Chicago Bulls Game

One Fan Was Mistaken For Mark Zuckerberg While Talking To Scottie Pippen During A Chicago Bulls Game

NBA games are genuinely amazing to watch. Even if someone isn't a fan of the sport, the constant back-and-forth action is something no other sport promises. Football, baseball, hockey, etc. are all slower paced, as basketball can see both teams score well over 100 points, as compared to the single and double-digit scores of the other top sports.

Not only the action, but the stars you may see sitting courtside. Courtside tickets and tickets close to the action are some of the most expensive tickets one can buy in pro sports. As a result, celebrities regularly adorn the stands of NBA games. But at a Chicago Bulls game once, the announcers confused a celebrity in a major way.

Scottie Pippen was sitting in the United Center with the Bulls fans, always showering him with love for his role in the 6 championships the franchise has won. However, he was sitting with a pale and meek individual that the commentator hilariously mistook for Meta CEO and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg:

It is hilarious how the announcer made that mistake, even bringing up Jesse Eisenberg, the actor that played the role of Zuckerberg in the 2010 film 'The Social Network'. Evidently, it was just a regular fan and everyone had fun over the issue on the social networks that Zuckerberg runs.

The experience of attending an NBA game is always fun. They shoot merchandise through cannons across the arena while the energy of a hot home crowd can be infectious for everyone. The players are within reaching distance and there is a full community of fans around you to make that experience even better.

Thankfully, the commentator did recognize the legend in Scottie Pippen, but no basketball personality in Chicago can ever forget who Pippen was. Hopefully, Zuckerberg does attend an actual basketball game in person before attending one in the Metaverse, eventually.