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Patrick Beverley Boasts He Was The Factor In The Two Conference Finals, Despite Not Playing A Single Minute In The 2014-15 Playoffs When The Rockets Made The WCF

Patrick Beverley

The Minnesota Timberwolves easily defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in their most recent fixture. The star of the victory was none other than their cornerstone player Karl-Anthony Towns as he had a dominant outing.

However, along with KAT, defensive anchor Patrick Beverley also played a crucial role in the win. He finished the game with 18 points, 6 rebounds, and 1 assist to his name.

Beverley's real contribution doesn't appear on the box score. He constantly engaged in trash talk with the Lakers players, particularly Russell Westbrook, throughout the game.

He and KAT even mocked Westbrook for airballing a shot, which perfectly defines how much impact Pat Bev's trash talk had on Russ. Although Russ said he didn't pay attention to that as he believes no one on the T-Wolves' side has done anything for him to notice, Beverley gave a befitting reply to it.

Beverley later pointed out that he has gone to two conference finals, which is a notable achievement in any player's career. While it seemed like that will be the end to it, an NBA fan on Reddit pointed out a great point. According to u/I-like-sneakers23:

"Beverley stated that he had been in two conference finals as a part of his resume. However, he missed the last 12 games on the 2014-15 Rockets regular season, as well as the entire playoffs due to injury. Do you consider this an accomplishment for Beverley to claim? 

While it is true that Beverley was part of that postseason run, he didn't contribute much to it. As a result, it doesn't make much sense for Beverley to brag about that run.

If he had been a part of the postseason run and helped the Houston Rockets win games then we are sure no one would argue with Beverley. But as things stand right now, he shouldn't brag about his Western Conference Final appearance that season.