PJ Washington Shared How Much He Is Missing His Son: 'I Miss My Son... Don't Understand Why I Can't See My Son...'

pj washington

We're all fighting and dealing with something. We just don't know what's happening behind bars.

That's why whatever happened between PJ Washington and his (ex?) wife is private. There have been multiple rumors but whatever goes on is between them:

Well, PJ Washington and his girlfriend clearly don't get along. She set him up and he just doesn't seem to be on the best terms with him:

"In recent hours, Charlotte Hornets' PJ Washington made headlines after rumors surfaced suggesting his ex-wife filed for divorce just two weeks after having his baby, getting $200k a month in child support," we reported earlier.

"This rumor quickly spread around the league, with fans going crazy after finding out Washington was reportedly played in such a wrong way. One newly-created Twitter account dropped this bomb, making a lot of noise around the association," said a woman.

Hopefully, PJ and his new (?) wife will be able to get it done! They're both amazing people... and PJ wants to see his son pretty soon.

At the end of the day, who messed up first and why or where is not for us to debate. Hopefully, this will help bring people back together and stop just fooling around...