Richaun Holmes On Space Jam 2: "Every Kid That I Heard Said They Loved Space Jam. You Got 40-Year-Olds Arguing Who The Better Actor Is."

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Credit: Warner Bros Pictures via EW

Credit: Warner Bros Pictures via EW

LeBron James' newly release Space Jam: A New Legacy has drawn quite a lot of attention following its release. While a lot of people enjoyed the movie, there were quite a few critics who have stated that the new installment isn't as good as the original, which starred Michael Jordan.

However, what people often gloss over, is that Space Jam 2 is a kids' movie. It seems clear that the movie would be enjoyable to a child audience. Sacramento Kings forward Richaun Holmes has recently roasted some of the adults who are talking about Space Jam 2 and comparing it to the original and pointed out that most kids he's met have really liked the movie.

Just like the debate on LeBron James and Michael Jordan, it seems as though the discussion between Space Jam and Space Jam 2 is always going to be present. However, there is no question that both movies are great, and fulfill their purpose, which is to allow children and families to have a good time. The original Space Jam was extremely iconic to many people due to it featuring the most iconic basketball superstar of the 90s. Perhaps LeBron James' Space Jam 2 can reach the same status with the current generation.