Klay Thompson: "Draymond Took So Much Damn Money From Me, I'm Sick Of That Dude. I'm Never Playing Draymond At Dominoes Again, He's A Cheater."

Klay Thompson dominoes

Klay Thompson is a player who has a lot of off-court hobbies. We've seen before that one of his hobbies is boating, and he's shown that off plenty of time during his Instagram live sessions. Once, he's even brought rookie James Wiseman along with him for the ride.

It seems as though Thompson has gone boating once again, and this time, he was showing off the types of board games he plays. He notably stated that he won't be playing dominoes with Draymond Green, as he's lost a lot of money to him, while also jokingly calling Green "a cheater".

Draymond took so much damn money from me, I'm sick of that dude. I'm never playing Draymond at dominoes again, he's a cheater. He has a secret big 5 in his sleeve at all-times, it's crazy. See me on the bones. I haven't gotten a win against Draymond in dominoes in years. Nah that's a lie, I won a series in San Antonio. But it's been one, one win.

Trying to see me on the chess? What's your rating? Gotta be 800 & above. My guy Magnus, I learned from the world champion himself, the GOAT Magnus Carlsen.

There is no question that Klay Thompson is having a good time while awaiting his return to the court, and perhaps he'll have better luck playing others in dominoes than he did with Draymond Green. The Golden State Warriors have missed his production on the court, and hopefully, his return puts them among the heavyweights of the Western Conference once again.